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  • Lilley v. Jack C. McGowan, Esq.

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    Defendant Jack C. McGowan failed to pursue the claims of Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley when he failed to bring causes actions against the parties (Co-Administrators Brenda N. Dunlap and Jackson C. Hedges) responsible for depriving Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley of his assets with Defendant Jack C. McGowan placing his personal interest ahead of his clients while continuing to representation and failing to disclose that Defendant Jack C. McGowan was limiting the opportunity for recovery of his funds… Continue┬áreading

  • Lilley v. Brenda N. Dunlap, Esq. & Jackson C. Hedges, Esq.

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    Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley seeks relief for certain conduct including conversion of non-probate assets, fraudulent distribution of non-probate assets, and tortious interference with a right to expectancy.

    AN AWARD against defendants, jointly and severally, for judgment of fraudulent conduct in an amount in excess of $1,000,000.

    AN AWARD against defendants, jointly and severally, of punitive damages and exemplary damages of $1,000,000. Continue reading

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