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Lilley v. Jack C. McGowan, Esq.

Defendant Jack C. McGowan failed to pursue the claims of Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley when he failed to bring causes actions against the parties (Co-Administrators Brenda N. Dunlap and Jackson C. Hedges) responsible for depriving Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley of his assets with Defendant Jack C. McGowan placing his personal interest ahead of his clients while continuing to representation and failing to disclose that Defendant Jack C. McGowan was limiting the opportunity for recovery of his funds.



246 High Street
Hamilton, OH 45011

This action is brought by plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley who is a citizen of the Warren County, State of Ohio against defendant Jack C. McGowan who is a citizen of Butler County, State of Ohio and do business within the State of Ohio.

The cause of action herein arose in Warren County, State of Ohio. The amount in controversy exceeds the jurisdictional threshold for a proceeding in an Ohio court of common pleas being greater than $75,000.

During the course of this representation, defendant Jack C. McGowan failed to properly prosecute the claims on behalf of Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley, wherein defendants Jack C. McGowan failed under a complaint filed in the Warren County Probate Court, Case No. 97 1061 to receive the non-probate assets that were rightfully his property and improperly commingled with assets of the Estate of Marion G. Lilley.

Defendant Jack C. McGowan during the course of this representation failed to demand and receive the return of funds that were the property of Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley from the Co-Administrators Brenda N. Dunlap and Jackson C. Hedges of the Estate of Marion G. Lilley, who had converted» $120,000 for distribution of Estate of Marion G. Lilley from an annuity account that had been purchased with funds that were the certificate of deposit in a joint survivorship account with Plaintiff Stephen R. Lilley and Marion G. Lilley

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DocumentDiscriptionDate Filed
Lilley v. Jack McGowanMalpractice Lawsuit - Filed by Plaintiff, Stephen Lilley against Attorney, Jack Mcgowan.May 22, 2011


n. a civil wrong (tort) in which one converts another’s property to his/her own use, which is a fancy way of saying “steals.” Conversion includes treating another’s goods as one’s own, holding onto such property which accidentally comes into the convertor’s (taker’s) hands, or purposely giving the impression the assets belong to him/her. This gives the true owner the right to sue for his/her own property or the value and loss of use of it, as well as going to law enforcement authorities since conversion usually includes the crime of theft.

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